Refunds & Returns

Returns: Wildcraft Herbs accepts returns for up to 30 days as long as the seal is intact. We realize sometimes people order product only to realize it is no longer necessary. Just send back with tracking so we can track your shipment as well as validation for you it has reached it's destination. Please send your returns to the address on our contact page.

Exchanges: i) We do replace items that are damaged/broken enroute. We only ask for you to upload and attach documentation from your post office verifying damage and we will promptly replace and resend. Please attach required information and send to

ii) Wildcraft Herbs will exchange one product for another if a mistake is made on the original purchase.

However, we do not offer free shipping on exhanges therefore you must pay for shipping both ways. Please send the item back tracked package so both sides have proof of the item being shipped back. And contact us for the return shipping price. Once we receive the shipping through Paypal plus the product, we will ship your exchange immediately out to you. Unfortunately this can pose problems on small orders as the shipping price on small orders can equal the price of the order. We ask you to be careful when ordering to avoid such a loss.

As well in regards to shipping returns, to get your product back out to you we only charge what Canada Post charges. We don't charge shipping overages such as shipping and handling or restocking fees.

Refunds: Wildcraft Herbs issues refunds immediately upon receiving a returned item, and upon receiving proof of product damage.
Wildcraft Herbs does not refund product delayed at customs due to random checks and holds as said in our shipping policy. Wildcraft Herbs does not refund on items that show tracked to destination but are lost or stolen on that end.

*We at Wildcraft Herbs realize situations can be unique. If there is a problem with an order that is not listed here on refunds or returns, please reach out and contact us through or call our number on our contact page. You're valued and we want to work with you to resolve any unforeseen issues that may arise.

Did you forget to update your shipping address and your item is enroute to the wrong address? Please read here for that policy.

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

PLEASE READ: Please make sure your shipping addresses are up to date in your Paypal accounts and your addresses attached to credit cards.

Wildcraft Herbs is not responsible for items shipped to old addresses that have not been updated. 

Therefore, we can't refund total purchases that go to the wrong address, if the address

was listed as your correct shipping address on your payment method.
For partial refund eligibility, please read 

Canada Post does not intercept and redirect packages already enroute. Therefore, to get a

partial refund on an item shipped to an out of date shipping address, the product

 must still be shipped back to us with tracking. If it can't be sent back by

the receiver, a return might not be possible unless they mark return

so Canada Post sends it back with tracking. So please 

check to make sure your shipping addresses

are up to date. Thankyou.

PARTIAL REFUND: If a customer wants a refund on an item sent to an address that

wasn't updated, and Canada Post tracking does show it being returned to us, 

we only refund product minus the shipping cost we incurred 

 to send the item out the first time to the address, that

was provided to us at time of


RESENDING AN ITEM RETURNED TO US: We will gladly resend the item to you if

we see it is being resent to us by Canada Post. We must charge shipping

for the resend. We do not offer free shipping on products being sent

out a second time, simply because we honored our part and

sent the first item to the address given to us

at initial purchase.


Re: STORE CLOSURE: We never anticipated the growth to the extent we have since we launched. Add to that recent unforeseen circumstances, it was apparent in order to accommodate our growing customer base more smoothly, we needed to pause to revamp and redesign in order to operate more effectively due to our growth. 

Realistically to do this effectively, it will take a few months. So again, everyone here at Wildcraft Herbs is very sorry this was done in such haste. Our goal upon return and as we grow is to be able to accommodate everyone effectively and efficiently and in a timely fashion and continue to offer you a quality product. We appreciate your patience and understanding and will do everything to return sooner, than later. Thankyou so much. Wildcraft Herbs.      Please check our Facebook page for updates.

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