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Does a natural vertical garden need maintenance?

Yes, and maintenance is fundamental to the good development of plants. A specialized professional will fertilize, make preventive sprayings, clean the foliage and provide pruning that contributes to the healthy development of the roots and foliage. Forgoing proper maintenance will affect the quality and beauty of the garden. In the medium term, plants will need to be replaced, thus generating an additional cost.

Do I need to have a project or will Vertical Garden develop one?

We implement projects of architects and landscapers after a technical analysis. Through this analysis, we verify the viability of the plants according to location and climate. If any kind of change is needed, we will make observations for the success of the vertical garden. We also have on our team of qualified architects and landscapers equipped with the most modern software for project development. So we can present 3D proposals of the proposed space to get an idea of how the garden will look.

Can natural vertical garden be deployed indoors?

Yes, but first we need to analyze the site in a detailed way to understand the indoor climate conditions. If it is not possible, we then suggest the garden to be made with preserved plants, artificial plants, or with moss, all of which are of high quality and very similar to the natural plants.

How much does the natural vertical garden cost?

The cost is per design and takes into consideration factors such as plants, accessibility, and size. We guarantee: that we have one of the best cost-benefit relationships in the market. Send your project or contact us we will be happy to offer a free consultation and present a detailed budget of a natural vertical garden that meets your needs.

What should I take into consideration when implanting a living wall?

There are six important points to consider: location, lighting, watering, ventilation, type of plant, and maintenance.

Re: STORE CLOSURE: We never anticipated the growth to the extent we have since we launched. Add to that recent unforeseen circumstances, it was apparent in order to accommodate our growing customer base more smoothly, we needed to pause to revamp and redesign in order to operate more effectively due to our growth. 

Realistically to do this effectively, it will take a few months. So again, everyone here at Wildcraft Herbs is very sorry this was done in such haste. Our goal upon return and as we grow is to be able to accommodate everyone effectively and efficiently and in a timely fashion and continue to offer you a quality product. We appreciate your patience and understanding and will do everything to return sooner, than later. Thankyou so much. Wildcraft Herbs

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