Canada Post Standard Tracked
Region: US and Canada
Canada Post Tracked International Standard Air
Region: Europe EU             
              Eastern Europe     $60
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Wildcraft Herbs adopts all Canada Post Ship Policy in the case of a delay event eg:>

Click 11 EXCUSABLE DELAY 11.1 Canada Post shall not be liable to the Customer for any failure to perform, or delay in the performance of, due to causes beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to, acts of God, labour disruptions or, if applicable, delays caused by customs authorities.
Standard Tracked Packet Rates
FREE USA and Canada

​$40 - Europe: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom. 
As of Dec. 5/2019, we regret to inform we are no longer shipping to Sweden as Sweden customs is sending packages back to Canada. 

$40 - Hong Kong

$50 - Australia, New Zealand.

$55 - Eastern Europe:  Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romani, Slovakia.

$60 - Asia: China, Japan.

$70 - Israel - Canada post only ships 1 tracked rate price option. 

- If your country is not on this list, please contact us for the shipping price to your location. If your country is near a country listed above, that will probably be a close indication of what it will cost to ship to your country.

- Canada has a higher shipping cost than shipping from the USA due to our higher taxation. Wildcraft Herbs tried to price our product more competitively for a number of reasons, this being one.

Standard Tracked Ship Times
  • Canada 3-9 business days. Province distant depending. Canada Post does not guarantee ship times for Standard Tracked Shipping.

  • USA 5-9 business days.

  • Hong Kong 8 business days.

  • New Zealand, Australia 10-12  business days.

  • All other international destinations 8-10 business Days.

      *Regrettably we can't ship to countries Canada Post doesn't provide tracking for.

  •  Canada Post does not guarantee ship times for Standard Tracked Shipping.

Expedited Tracked Packet Rates

  • Canada + $10.00 to standard rate.

  • USA + $15.00 to standard rate.

  • Europe + $15.00 to standard rate.

  • Hong Kong + $15.00 to standard rate.

  • Australia, New Zealand + $10.00 to Standard rate.

  • Eastern Europe + $15.00 to standard rate.

  • Asia + $15.00 to standard rate.

  • Israel - Canada Post ships only 1 tracked ship rate option. See standard rate on left.

  • Countries that don't show in the drop down upon checkout, please contact us for Expedited rates & ship times.

Expedited Tracked Packet Ship Times
  • Canada 2-7 business days guaranteed. Province distance depending.

  • USA 5-6 business days.

  • Europe 6-7 business days.

  • Hong Kong 5 business days.

  • Australia, New Zealand 8 business days.

  • Eastern Europe 7-9 business days.

  • Asia 8-10 business days.

  • Israel 8-10.

  • Countries that don't show in the drop down upon checkout, please contact us for Expedited rates & ship time.

Xpresspost Tracket Packet Canada
  • 3 business days guaranteed - $20.00

Xpresspost Tracket Packet USA
  • 4 business days guaranteed - $25.00 

  • Countries that don't show in the drop down upon checkout, please contact us for Xpresspost rates & ship times.

Re: STORE CLOSURE: We never anticipated the growth to the extent we have since we launched. Add to that recent unforeseen circumstances, it was apparent in order to accommodate our growing customer base more smoothly, we needed to pause to revamp and redesign in order to operate more effectively due to our growth. 

Realistically to do this effectively, it will take a few months. So again, everyone here at Wildcraft Herbs is very sorry this was done in such haste. Our goal upon return and as we grow is to be able to accommodate everyone effectively and efficiently and in a timely fashion and continue to offer you a quality product. We appreciate your patience and understanding and will do everything to return sooner, than later. Thankyou so much. Wildcraft Herbs.      Please check our Facebook page for updates.

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